Mechanical Design Using 3D CAD


Mechanical design is the core of DRG's business.  We use 3D parametric computer aided design (CAD) as our primary mechanical design tool.  Our command of 3D CAD allows us to conceptualize and build robust and easy to manipulate representations of your product.  Modeling your vision of a product early in the design process means DRG can explore different configurations, investigate component efficiencies, and anticipate potential issues related to assembly or manufacturability.  Our 3D models serve as the basis from which to build prototypes or create engineering drawings.  

While versed in multiple CAD platforms, DRG primarily uses SolidWorks because of its wide industry acceptance and its Product Data Management (PDM) software.  SolidWorks PDM enables DRG to securely and easily manage currency of CAD files while allowing live collaboration.